• Joanna Baldock

An Impressive Classic Contemporary Garden

Last year we created a stunning garden and now that the plants are out in abundance we revisited this gorgeous property.

The design incorporates both beauty and function perfectly. The crisp rectangular beds create zones for pathways, dining and seating areas.

The Reverso Avorio porcelain paving, thanks to Naos Flooring, is beautifully immaculate and durable. The walls and steps are also clad in the same porcelain paving allowing the design to flow effortlessly.

The planting has a limited colour palette, creating an elegant and sophisticated look.

The wide porcelain path draws the eye up to the rest of the garden and right through to the upper patio beyond, creating a striking vista.

There is also a stunning hand-thrown Cretan terracotta beehive water feature from Pots and Pithoi, which is very much in keeping with the landscaping and property.

The bespoke oak framed pergola creates a beautiful covered area for dining.

This garden has everything and yet it still keeps giving.

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