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  • Joanna Baldock

Stunning Porcelain Patio and Pool

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

A stunning transformation to this property in Kent. The property has recently had an extension and a pool installed. We re-landscaped the garden to accommodate the new additions.

We installed a London Stone porcelain paving around the property and pool. The lawn area is retained with a matching porcelain clad wall. We also installed a new gravel driveway, complete with a honeycomb system.

The low maintenance, architectural evergreen Ilex hedge contrast beautiful with the light porcelain, elegantly breaking up the areas of porcelain.

Some boundaries of the garden have new fencing and sleeper retaining walls. New lawn was also laid.

Evergreen pleached trees were planted between the lawn and the driveway, creating a gorgeous partition.

Fantastic workmanship and hard work from all on the team on this project! Thanks to Ralph, Will, Alastair and Brett.

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